Top Home Based Business Advice You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

The economy is getting weaker by the hour. Every minute of life now somebody is getting laid off. The once safe and secure job idea is now a thing of the past. Every single day 10 million plus people go online in search for a top home based business. People are realizing they need to have a realistic Plan B since Plan A is letting them down.Although people are taking a step into the right direction by looking to take matters into their own hands and not depending on the government they are still like sheep amidst wolves. They have no clue what to expect and no concrete idea of what a real home based business looks like.This is not a how to guide on finding any kind of home based business. This is more of what you need to know how to do when you join one so that you can reap the fruits of your labor. Sadly those that leave corporate America come into this industry with a $9-$14 hour mentality thinking of they work hard enough then they will be rich.This industry is not about working harder but smarter. Eventually if they don’t get the results they are looking for then they either quit or procrastinate on the money making activities that need to be doing. Countless people get into this stage and get stuck. Why?Two things govern humans lives. We either gravitate towards them or move away.Pain and Pleasure.You will face many hardships when striving to be a top home based business. Things that would normally seem easy become difficult. As that happens the natural tendency is to put off doing that particular task. As humans we like to avoid pain as much as possible.That may have worked in the corporate world but in the home based business industry if you do that you will be out of business faster than you got in. Listen up because you will not get this type of teaching in school.If you want to be successful here is the million dollar advice. Change what you associate pain to and replace it with pleasure.If you think it is painful to market or place ads and you put it off, replace that thought with it being pleasurable and you reaping the rewards of your hard. This is not deep and seems so logical but yet people don’t do it.On the flip side if you procrastinate calling a client back think about the pain that comes from not calling the client and how you won’t be in business for long. The psychology works both ways.Always assess what you deem is painful and pleasurable. Usually the pain is an illusion and the pleasurable is justification of staying in your comfort zone.Take action and charge through those limiting barriers. You deserve to live a high quality life that you can’t get in corporate America.

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